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09.07.02 New Mailing Lists {
    There are now two mailing lists, nucos-develop and nucos-updates. Check them out at the             project page. Also, I'm going to try ang get a portal type thing for developer's up here pretty     soon. Check back for updates. I'm hoping I can use SlashCode but I'm not sure.

09.05.02 Big response {
    My goodness! Approx. 30 minutes after I posted the notice below, I got one responce that fixed     the problem. Next day I had 4 or 5 e-mails, including two whole scripts. So, I'm working on         bugfixes now and hope to have it up within the week. If you missed the gun and would like to     help, there's still plenty of other programming languages to port to if you like :)
    -Jordan, the extremely happy :-D

09.04.02 NucOS in Perl? {
    Ok. I'm trying to translate most of NucOS into Perl. Currently, it's sitting on my HDD as         '' and not doing much because I'm stuck. My IF/THEN statements aren't working.         If you would be so kind as to fix this for me I would be extremely happy. The file is available     for download here. You can e-mail me the location on a server for me to download using the         form here.
    Thanks a lot :)

09.03.02 NucOS Description {
NucOS, pronounced NewCause, is basically ACOS3 that has been edited to say "NucOS" and with a few extra lines of code. If you don't know what ACOS is, either visit the link or wait and I"ll tell you.
Ok, I'll tell you now :)
ACOS was made by me, I mean...well, I wanted a little OS (Operating System. Learn the jive or get a dictionary) to call my own, and I lurked at the MegaTokyo forums and found out I hadn't a clue about how hard it was going to be. So, I pulled QBasic out and started programming an Operating System Shell, as I called it. It has grown a bit and now has a new name. Still in QBasic, sadly, until I get to guts to pick up my "C++ for Dummies" book.
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